At Kona, we care about the freedom and empowerment of the bike. We have been around since 1988. We are still made up of a team of enthusiastic, active and passionate cyclists. We are not big, nor are we so small. Just a dedicated group of riders who build bikes for people who love bikes, no matter if that love is new or long established.

But KONA is also much more, it is a pioneer in the introduction of ideas that have innovated the mountain bike. KONA introduced the SLOPING (Sloped Horizontal Tube) design by legendary designer Joe Murray, whose pinnacle work is the Hei Hei titanium frame. KONA is the inventor of the FREERIDE concept, precursor of today's enduro. Introducer of Bike Parks or summer adaptation of ski resorts where you can use freeride bikes or bikes with long suspensions. A short distance from her offices is a mountain bike paradise: the Whistler bike park, in Vancouver (Canada).

In Spain KONA has occupied a fundamental place in the development of mountain biking, always related to competition. Teams in all disciplines, such as the JB-KONA, KONA-Bicimania, KONA-BICITECH, KONA-GONBEL, DH VOLVO-KONA TEAM (Misser brothers). KONA LACONDEGUY ....

And in addition to the international feats of Tomás Misser in DH, or the Lacondeguy brothers in freeride, KONA was WORLD CHAMPION downhill with Fabien Barel.

KONA has also excelled in Cross Country (TEAM MAPEI-KONA) or in any other discipline within Mountain Bike. KONA is a legendary and innovative brand in the history of cycling!!.

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